Dried Urine Testing Questions

How does dried urine testing work?

ZRT's at home test kits include everything you need for collection and can be ordered online or by phone (some restrictions may apply). When your sample has been collected and allowed to dry completely, return the dried strips and completed paperwork in the pre-addressed, pre-paid packaging and mailer bag provided with the kit. Once ZRT has received your sample, results will be returned to you and/or your health care provider in approximately 5 to 7 business days. Please view our Collection Videos to learn more.

What does ZRT test in dried urine?

The following tests are commercially available as a dried urine test:

Are there any foods or supplements that might affect my test?

You do NOT need to change your regular diet or stop taking supplements. Following your typical dietary and/or supplement routine will ensure that your results are an accurate reflection of your average daily levels.