Becoming an International Provider is Simple

ZRT Laboratory is the global leader in hormone and wellness testing, with physicians and patients using our test kits all over the world. Our laboratory has been performing cutting-edge testing since 1998 and provides state of the art analysis and the most advanced and comprehensive test reports in the industry.

1. Order kits your patients need.

Determine what panels from our wide range of profiles and analytes would enhance your practice and be most relevant to your patients. Then, contact ZRT by phone, email or fax, and place your order. ZRT ships test kits via UPS International so the shipping time is minimal. To learn more about how you can partner with ZRT Laboratory to offer our cutting-edge test kit, please complete a quick questionnaire that will help us learn how we can cooperate with you.

2. Give the test kit to your patient.

ZRT test kits contain all the necessary components for the patient to perform the test at home.

3. Send the specimen to ZRT.

For your patient’s convenience, ZRT provides return envelopes with each test kit. Your patient is responsible for return postage. ZRT starts processing the specimen immediately after the samples arrive at our facility. Saliva, dried blood spot, and dried urine samples will all remain stable through international shipping conditions.

4. Receive results.

The results are available online, or can be faxed or mailed to you immediately after the test completion; on average five business days after the specimen arrives at ZRT.

5. Pay as you go.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards and store them for future orders in a securely encrypted database. Our system automatically charges your card, so no action on your part is required.

Complete and submit a quick questionnaire to get started.