zrt package metabolites

Seven profiles give a broad range of choices for an assessment of how patients are metabolizing a variety of hormones. They include:

  • a wide array of estrogen, progesterone, and androgen metabolites useful for assessment of breast cancer risk
  • glucocorticoid metabolites, diurnal free cortisol, and diurnal free cortisone for adrenal assessment
  • diurnal 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (MT6s) to assess sleep/wake cycle dysfunction
  • the xenoestrogen Bisphenol A (BPA)

Sex steroid hormone metabolites results are useful for monitoring hormone therapy patients using patches, pellets or injectables. They offer a more complete picture of hormone health when used in conjunction with saliva or blood spot hormone testing.

Metabolites Profiles we offer:

      • Adrenal
        A picture of adrenal hormone metabolism.

      • Estrogen Essential
        A baseline view of how a patient is metabolizing estrogens.

      • Estrogen Elite
        Estrogen, progesterone, and select androgen metabolites with BPA.

      • Androgen Elite
        Comprehensive androgen plus select estrogen and progesterone metabolites.

      • Basic
        A baseline view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels plus total cortisol.

      • Intermediate
        An expanded look at sex steroid hormone metabolite levels, with a broader view of cortisol metabolism plus first-morning melatonin and BPA.

      • Advanced
        Our broadest view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels and cortisol metabolism with full diurnal melatonin and BPA.

Urine Collection

ZRT Laboratory’s urinary hormone metabolite analysis provides an average of steroid hormone levels over an entire day with a simple, convenient 4-point collection. This also enables 4-point cortisol and melatonin measurement, which provides an assessment of the diurnal variation and offers clinical insight into sleep/wake cycle problems, adrenal function, and the body’s exposure to stressors.

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